Australian Dance Cup

Social Edition – Competition

Most dance studios have not been working on competition choreographies because of the Covid-19 lock downs. After the lock downs dancers wanted social connection, lots of parties and to have fun with dancing. This year we will focus on social dancing and will only run freestyle type, fun competitions.

If you have worked on a choreographed routine we would love to offer you performance spots in our showcase section. Amateur and Pro-Am couples and duos can perform in our afternoon, 2pm Stargate section. Semi-Pro, Pro and team performances will be featured in our evening shows, 7pm. Stargate shows also gives Amateur dances the opportunity to preform alongside with the best professionals at the evening shows.

Partnered Freestyle Rules

⦁ The freestyle divisions are designed to show one’s ability to connect and improvise with one’s partner and display lead and follow, connection, timing, technique and musicality to the music that is played.
⦁ Tricks and lifts are not permitted, whilst dips are allowed.
⦁ The approximate length of each song will be 1.00-1.30 mins and will be selected at random from a list of songs with the appropriate BPM for the division.
⦁ Multiple couples will dance on the floor at the same time.
⦁ Couples will get an opportunity to dance to two songs within their heat: one slow and one faster (or in the case of bachata: one sensual, one dominican)
⦁ Scoring Criteria:
⦁ Timing & musicality 35%
⦁ Flavour & Connection 35%
⦁ Technique & Difficulty30%
⦁ Costumes are encouraged for these divisions.

Freestyle Competition Categories

Youth Pro-AM
Masters Pro-AM

Samba Freestyle Rules

⦁ Participants will dance as a soloist freestyle for 1 minute slow and 1 minute songs.
⦁ Scoring criteria:
⦁ MUSICALITY and EXPRESSION: 20 points total
⦁ POWER and ENERGY: 20 points
⦁ COSTUME and PRESENTATION: 10 points total
⦁ TECHNIQUE and DIFFICULTY: 30 points total
⦁ AUTHENTICITY: 20 points

Samba Freestyle Categories

Intermediate / Open

Jack’ n’ Jill Rules

⦁ The premise of a Jack ‘n’ Jill competition is that it is a 100% freestyle competition with dancers partnered up at random.
⦁ Jack & Jill competitions are designed to highlight skills in social dancing and the ability to dance well with a variety of partners.
⦁ Competitors enter as individuals and randomly assigned partners and dance 3 times with different partners.
⦁ Male competitors must enter as “leaders” and female competitors must enter as “followers”.

Jack’ n’ Jill Categories

Salsa Shines Battles Rules

⦁ Salsa shines competition, designed to feature competitor’s creativity and musicality in a 1 on 1 solo battle format.
⦁ All Competitors will be paired up by a random draw for the qualifying rounds.
⦁ From each round the winner will go through to the next heat until we get to the finals where the judges will select the winner of the competition.
⦁ The dancers in each round will have 2 x 30 sec to win over the judges and the crowd. No dance shoes or costume are required.

Salsa Shines Battles Categories


Freestyle General Rules & Competitor Classification

Please select the tickets carefully. As is the policy with all major festivals and concerts, Australian Dance Cup will not issue refunds for festival passes/tickets. Transfers are permitted at the discretion of the event organisers, and an administration fee may apply.