Rules and regulations are subject to change at any time, and without prior notice. Updates and amendments will be posted online at, for the latest on this event please keep up to date with the website.


  • Step Up Surfers Paradise is an initiative of Surfers Paradise Alliance, and is partnering with Australian Dance Cup for the second time in 2018
  • For general enquiries, assistance or questions please e-mail
  • Surfers Paradise Alliance has the right to amend the program, order or sections or order of competitors at any time and without prior notice
  • Bullying during the competition is not acceptable and any evidence of such bullying will result in instant dismissal from the competition. Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times
  • Step Up Surfers Paradise is held within a temporary structure on the beaches of Surfers Paradise
  • The stage size at Step Up Surfers Paradise is approximately 12m W x 6m D at 900mm H. These measurements are an estimation and may alter slightly (bigger or smaller)


  • Entries will be accepted via online submission only. No phone entries accepted
  • Entries close at midnight on Saturday 31 March 2018.To assist Surfers Paradise Alliance, and ensure inclusion in the competition, please submit entries as early as possible online. There will be no entries accepted on the day with the exception of the breakdance battle competition and freestyle events where entries will be accepted on the day of the event
  • No late entries will be accepted to the official program after the closing date – unless in the case of organiser error by Surfers Paradise Alliance
  • Age categories:
  1. Age Categories: 12 years and under; 13 to 15 years; 16 years and over
  2. Age of a competitor is determined as at the first day of the competition you are competing in. Proof of Age may be required to be shown to officials on the day of competition
  3. Competitors may compete up an age group (i.e.: 14 year old in the Open Category) however competitors may not compete down an age group (i.e.: 14 year old in the 12 years and under category)
  • In all duo/trio sections, the names of both/all partners must be stated on the entry form, but one (1) partner may be substituted. Surfers Paradise Alliance must be notified in writing for approval of changes by the close of entries on 31 March 2018
  • Music, lyrics, costumes and dance content must be age and event appropriate
  • If a competitor advances to the final round, they must perform the routine with which they advanced with. No new routine/costume or update to the original routine will be accepted. Any competitors found to be updating their routine will be disqualified


  • Registration fees must be made online as part of the entry process and can be made using VISA, MasterCard or Debit Cards. Cash or Card Payment will be accepted on the day for Break Dance Battle
  • There will be no refunds on fees, unless the section is cancelled by Surfers Paradise Alliance
  • Submissions will not qualify or be recognised as an ‘entry’ until registration fees have been received and confirmed as PAID IN FULL by Australian Dance Cup, and unless their full performance track has been received in MP3 file format as part of the registration process. If a competitor turns up on the day and their registration fees have not been paid, they will not be permitted to compete
  • Deadline to receive ALL fees in full, is Saturday 31 March 2018


  • Registration desk for all Step Up Surfers Paradise competitors will be at the Beach Marquee Surfers Paradise
  • The registration desk will open one hour prior to each day’s commencement. ALL competitors must arrive and check in 60 minute prior to the section in which they are competing. Late check-ins may result in disqualification


  • Surfers Paradise Alliance ONLY accepts MP3 file format for all music uploaded via the online registration form during registration Deadline to receive ALL tracks, in full, is Saturday 31 March 2018
  • Track must be submitted and titled with all relevant information including: Competitor name / their section / track name / whether or not track is to start on or off stage. (i.e.: Chris Smith – Open Category – Shake It Off – Off Stage)
  • Competitors must ensure to have a back-up on USB in case of an issue on the day
  • There are to be NO CD’s brought on the day – routines who fail to send MP3 file formatted tracks in advance, or turn up with CD’s on the day, will potentially be disqualified
  • All music must be age appropriate and free of any apparent profanity or vulgar language
  • Time limits: Please find below confirmation of time limits per category:
    a) solo performance is 3 minutes
    b) duo/trio is 3.30 minutes
    c) groups (both small and large) are 5 minutes
    d) there is no minimum time limit in any category


  • Number of entrants per category:
    a) A competitor cannot compete against him/herself in a solo category up to 2 times only.
    b) A competitor can compete once with the same partners in the duo/trio sections. Competitors may compete with a different partner for a second time.
    c) A group of the same formation can compete once in the group categories.
    d)An individual can compete more than once in that section within a different group/crew.
    e)If a contestant has a third routine they would like to enter as a solo/duo or trio, they are permitted to dance up an age group, but not in an age group below.
  • Should a competitor leave the stage as a result of having forgotten their routine or the music is corrupted, they will be asked to perform again, however, will only be given this chance once
  • All performances must be on the stage provided. No jumping off the stage or audience participation is allowed
  • Points may be deducted if the judges feel the song choice or the movements are inappropriate for the category
  • All competitors must be ready to perform at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time. If the section is running ahead of schedule, they are expected to be ready earlier
  • Studios/crews/schools may compete “against each other” in sections – e.g. have more than 1 routine in any particular section
  • Surfers Paradise Alliance reserves the right to alter or amend the programme in any way and at any time; to refuse entry, cancel any entries or cancel any sections where entries are insufficient
  • Sections can only be scheduled after close of entries once the total number of participants is known. As such, exact dates and times cannot be given in advance


  • The decision of the Judges is final
  • Judges will have the opportunity to write a comment on the competitors score sheet however it is at their discretion if they choose to do so or not. While comments are encouraged they are not compulsory for each competitor
  • Please respect the judges and refrain from speaking to him/her/them during the competition. If you need help with anything related to the Judges please see the competition organisers in the beach marquee
  • Surfers Paradise Alliance reserves the right to appoint a substitute Judge if/as required


  • Competitors must check in with the backstage stage manager upon approaching the back of house marquees, and prior to their dancing – regardless if they have registered
  • Competitors must change in dressing rooms. Public areas are not to be utilised as change rooms
  • Absolutely no rehearsing in corridors or passageways. Rehearsing can be done outside the marquee however noise is to be kept at a minimum within close proximity to the marquee itself
  • Music/vocal volumes for rehearsals must be kept to a minimum at all times in all areas
  • The back of house change rooms are only for performers and school teachers/chaperones. Family and friends will not be granted access to this area
  • The back of house marquee is an alcohol free / no smoking zone
  • Back of house marquees are open for all competitors, these are not allocated to groups/crews and as such, should not be kept or ‘reserved’ as such
  • All competitors and teachers/chaperones are expected to demonstrate respect for the space, 
costumes and belongings of others at all times
  • All personal items left in the back of house marquees are left at the discretion of the competitors and are in no way the responsibility of Surfers Paradise Alliance and staff
  • Please be mindful of what you bring into the back of house marquees, hot drinks, hot meals etc. will not be allowed in the back of house marquees and meals are to be consumed outside
  • Please be mindful of the rubbish created in the back of house marquees, kindly use the bins provided and take any large rubbish items away with you from the marquees


Surfers Paradise Alliance welcomes the use of props. Please be aware the transport, set-up and tear-down of props are the sole responsibility of the studio/crew/individual. Please consider that props should be kept at a minimum to avoid delay for the next competitor/s, and it is the crew/individual’s responsibility to clean up after their performance to ensure stage is ready for the next act. Props left at the completion of the event will be disposed of. For dancer safety please ensure that any props used are non-dangerous and not likely to injure/harm or impact another competitor or their performance. Surfers Paradise Alliance will not be held accountable for injury resulting from props.

  • Please note, no microphones are to be used in any section
  • All props backstage must be labelled with individual/crew/studio name for identification


Absolutely no cameras, camcorders, or any other recording devices are permitted to use within the performance or dressing areas unless otherwise specified by the event organisers. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the venue. The purpose of this guideline is to protect the dancers and the intellectual property of the choreographers/crews/studios. All contestants grant permission to Surfers Paradise Alliance to use their photographs or to appear on local and/or national television to promote its competitions.


Every care will be taken for competitors’ safety; however, Surfers Paradise Alliance will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any competitor or to property during the competition. Any dancer in any competing section takes certain risks in order to perform; these may include strains, sprains, bruises, broken bones, pulled muscles, and more. Participation in any Step Up category indicates acceptance of such risks by performers. By accepting our T&C’s every entrant agrees not to hold Surfers Paradise Alliance and/or any other staff members/volunteers responsible for illnesses, injuries, damages sustained by participating in any activity relating to Step Up Surfers Paradise


    • Early bird special (available until 31 January 2018): $20 flat registration fee per person (regardless whether a solo performer or in a group) which includes one entry with an additional $5 fee per entry thereafter.
    • Standard registration (available from 1 February 2018 until 31 March 2018): $25 flat registration fee per person (regardless whether a solo performer or in a group) which includes one entry with an additional $5 fee per entry thereafter.
    • The registration fee grants you entry into the Step Up Surfers Paradise dance competition for your nominated category/categories, as well as unlimited access to a series of classes/workshops held in the beach Marquee.
    • Registered competitors also gain access to view the Australian Dance Cup competition in the Ballroom of the Mantra on View from 9am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday


  • WORKSHOPS: Held at the Marquee, there will be various workshops on offer from the hottest national artists from across Australia. Open to all Step Up registered competitors… show us what you’ve got and join in!


  • MUSIC: Step Up Surfers Paradise only accept MP3 file format (Maximum upload size is 20MB) uploaded as part of the registration process for all music. Deadline to receive ALL tracks and entries, in full, is Saturday 31 March 2018