Competition Structure

Participants will dance as a soloist freestyle for 1 minute slow and 1 minute fast to live Batucada.


A panel of adjudicators will judge each entry based on the corresponding criteria for their category. All adjudicators are highly sought after and either experienced judges, teachers, choreographers or performers in the Brazilian Samba industry.


Minimum 3 months Samba experience (performing unpaid)
Open level

Currently working (or has previously worked) as a Samba instructor and/or paid performer

Scoring information

In conjunction with the Australasian Samba Competition and in accordance with the U.S.A “Rainha do Samba” Competition scoring format

Marking System:

The Australian Dance Cup prides itself on a fair and unbiased marking system. The adjudicators will score each entry out of 100 points. In the event of a tie, the highest technical score will win.

Judging criteria:

MUSICALITY and EXPRESSION: 20 points total
Musicality (10 points):
Interpretation of the music including dancing to the different Samba instruments such as the surdo, caixa, repinique and tamborim.
Expression (10 points):
Using musical accents to express yourself (including facial expressions, personality, body movements, energy etc.) to take the audience on a journey to feel the spirit of Brazil!
POWER and ENERGY: 20 points
Uplifting to watch! Ability to express power, strength and control of movements throughout the entire performance.
COSTUME and PRESENTATION: 10 points total
How the dancer is presented (appropriateness to Samba)
Posture, elegance, femininity, composure and presence. How the dancer moves in her costume (confidence dancing in it)
TECHNIQUE and DIFFICULTY: 30 points total
Mastery of the basic Samba steps, arms, hip movements and timing.
Footwork combos, lines, cleanliness, balance and body movements/isolations.
How the performer represents the culture and tradition of Brazilian Samba.