Before the Competition

  • Submit your music for approval to
  • Review the Competition Rules and Regulations
  • Familiarise yourself with the stage layout (above left), including entry and exit points

At the Competition

  • Allow time to register at front reception and receive your competitors wristband. You can do this anytime from 12pm Friday onwards, however you must have your wristband before you compete.
  • Competitor wristband must be worn at all times throughout the weekend (including on stage), and is a neutral gold-tone colour, to minimise any clashes with costumes.
  • Be aware that dressing room space is limited, so it is recommended that as much as possible, you complete all hair and make up before arriving at the venue.
  • Make sure you bring 2 back up copies of your music on the day of the competition – one on USB and one as a Music CD, with only one track on it.
  • Please arrive on time to each of your competitor briefings. You need to attend the briefing for each day on which you are competing. If you do not attend the briefing, you will be considered absent from the competition and your entry may be cancelled.
  • Remember that schedules are only a guide, and while we will endeavour to ensure the competition runs on time, it is recommended that you remain at the venue for the full duration of the session your division is in.

After the Competition

  • When seeking Feedback, please keep in mind that Judges are available to provide brief feedback only. If you would like more detailed feedback, please respect the Judge’s time and professional expertise by organising a Private Lesson.
  • We recommend providing the Judge with a link to footage of your performance to refresh their memory, as they may have judged hours of routines over the course of the weekend.
  • If you would like to order or review professional photography of your performance/s, please contact Footlight Photography through their website at
  • To arrange the purchase of footage or videos of your performance, please e-mail your request to, with the following information:
    • Competitor name/s
    • Division
    • Day and approximate time of performance